Cancer Survivor Mentors

THANK YOU for choosing to serve as a Mentor to our brother and sisters facing a cancer diagnosis. As you recall when you received the news that “You have Cancer,” there isn’t a more terrifying, sometimes helpless and confusing time in your life.


We need mentors for all Types of Cancer and all Types and Ranks of the Law Enforcement Community:


  • City Police
  • County Sheriff
  • State Police, Investigators, Corrections and State Troopers
  • Federal Agents, Investigators, and Corrections
  • Tribal Police
  • Dispatchers and Professional Staff

The first step is into complete our Mentor Application which can be downloaded and emailed as an attachment to [email protected].


We will evaluate your cancer (Stage and Type) and experience. Once determined our Wellness Coordinator will conduct a brief telephone assessment. We are eager to find out why you are interested in mentoring a law enforcement brother or sister or their family members through a cancer journey.


We have attached a comprehensive manual for counseling which basically entails the DO’s and DON’T’s of our style of support. You will be required to read this manual and abide by our counseling principles.


It’s simple; we will match you with a recently diagnosed law enforcement member who needs support. Your responsibility will be to contact him/her within the first 24 hours of your notification. If all it takes is one phone call, that’s terrific. Our expectation is that you avail yourself during their cancer journey. If email is preferred or a weekly call, it’s up to you two!


If you’re not a cancer survivor but are a spouse, parent or child of a cancer survivor who wishes to mentor a similar relationship, please complete the same Mentor Application. We need you as well!


Please spread the word about our organization. We look forward to serving!